Impressions of a City

How can I present a fresh perspective on Singapore and create an authentic image of its people and culture?


Every city carries an image (official and unofficial). We all have our share of perceptions on places around the globe. But is it fair to tag cities with stereotypes? Singapore is no stranger to this and has long been the target of cliches like "safe", "boring", "convenient" and "police-state". Although the remarkable achievements of Singapore cannot be understated, there is ever present criticism on the country’s highly regulated society and percieved lack of individuality.

My research on Singapore led me to deliberate on questions like 'what does it really mean to be Singaporean?' and 'what are the cultural complexities that make the city truly unique?' Surely there had to be more than what met the eye.


I began to observe an inherent paradox: a yearning for individual identity and a push for national order. Armed with a foreign perspective in this new land, I began to document my observations around the city.


The final book created presented my impressions of Singapore. It's primary goal was to shatter stereotypes associated with the island city-state, while celebrating the complexities that lay under its projected surface of perfection.