BRAC: Video storyboard + illustration

How can we use video to communicate BRAC's Ultra-Poor Graduation Model in a simple and engaging way?

One of the world’s largest nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), BRAC works in 70,000 rural villages and 2,000 urban slums in Bangladesh.

In 2002, BRAC launched the Ultra-Poor Graduation Approach that would 'graduate' the ultra-poor from extreme poverty where they struggle to meet their minimal dietary requirements and face difficulty to reach mainstream, anti-poverty programmes like microfinance. The graduation model is built on five core elements: targeting, consumption support, savings, skills training and regular coaching, and an asset transfer.

This model has a 95% success rate and is being adopted by organizations around the world. The video was created as part of Amplifier's collaboration with BRAC in an effort to spread awareness about the organization and support fundraising.